Jack Lemmon Lemmon and director Billy Wilder made several great movies together, including 1959’s “Some Like it Hot” and the 1960 Oscar-winning best film, “The Apartment.” Their collaborations were generally meant for adult audiences, but their 1972 romantic comedy “Avanti!” (pictured) is the first time the two ventured into R-rated territory. And Lemmon — yipes!— even goes naked a few times, including a skinny-dipping scene with his co-star Juliet Mills that finds the two getting out of the ocean and sitting au natural on a rock. Lemmon later said he felt uncomfortable going nude because he thought his fans would be shocked. He was right! There have been rumors, though, that he may have worn a flesh-colored body suit for that scene. The following year, he was naked getting into a shower in “Save the Tiger,” for which he won his second Academy Award.
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