Richard and Julia

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts Gere's career had seen better days when he teamed up with Roberts in the 1990 romantic comedy "Pretty Woman," in which he plays a wealthy man who falls in love with a young Hollywood prostitute. Faster than you can say "Pygmalion," he takes her from the mean streets of Hollywood Boulevard, makes a woman out of her and ends up falling for the hooker to boot. Though a lot of women felt the film glamorized the world of prostitution, "Pretty Woman" was an enormous hit. Not only did it revitalize Gere's career, the Garry Marshall-directed comedy also turned Roberts into a superstar, earning her her first lead actress Oscar nomination. Nine years later, Marshall, Roberts and Gere teamed up with the comedy "Runaway Bride." Though critics were less than impressed, the film earned more than $152 million in the U.S. alone, thanks to the chemistry between Gere and Roberts, which was just as vibrant as it ever was. This time around, he plays a New York columnist who goes to a small town to cover the story of a woman who always leaves her grooms at the altar before they take their wedding vows.
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