'World Trade Center' (2006)

After the Oscar flop "Alexander," three-time Academy Award winner Oliver Stone delivered another Oscar flop: "World Trade Center." But unlike "Alexander," this one wasn't truly a disaster movie. "World Trade Center" was actually moderately successful. Produced for $65 million, it received generally favorable reviews and earned back $70 million in the U.S. The film won the Movie of the Year Award at the Hollywood Film Festival. With Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage and two-time Golden Globe nominee Maria Bello, it should have been a big Oscar player. But voters weren't in the mood for movies about the 9/11 tragedy. Even though "United 93" claimed some top critics' awards (including best picture from the New York circle), the best it did at the Oscars was a director's nomination for Paul Greengrass and one for editing. It lost both. -- T.O. and Hey, Jude!
François Duhamel
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