The Office, Steve Carell

Steve Carell Resume: “Bewitched,” “The 40 Year-Old Virgin,” “Evan Almighty,” “Dan in Real Life,” “Get Smart” (upcoming). Ready for a promotion: While “Dan in Real Life” showed Carell could tackle an adult role, it didn’t quite make up for the cinematic sin that was “Even Almighty.” And yes, we chuckled when we saw the “Get Smart” trailer, but we’ve seen Carell play the charming buffoon before – as Michael Scott on “The Office.” Until Carell starts to stretch outside his comfort zone more often, his home is in Scranton. Performance review: Carell has advanced well beyond his branch-leading role on “The Office,” and if “Get Smart” takes off, a sitcom may not, in fact, be the best use of his talents. In this instance, perhaps the strongest career advice comes from Scott himself: “You expect to get screwed by your company, but you never expect to get screwed by your girlfriend.
Ron Tom / NBC Universal
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