Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin Brolin as a corrupt narcotics officer in "American Gangster" and as a down-and-out Vietnam vet in the brainy thriller "No Country for Old Men" The 'stache two ways: In "Gangster," the mustache appears luxuriant and manicured, giving off a high-gloss sheen. In "No Country," it looks forlorn and distinctly untidy -- like it might be hiding stale beer and bits of fried chicken. What it says about the characters: Brolin's villainous cop in "Gangster" is all silken menace. His muscle car, leather trench coat and shellacked-in-place hair are always just so -- ergo, the mustache is too. Brolin's broken-down, shot-up and downtrodden character in "No Country," on the other hand, is all cowboy, a guy with a few dreams left but no time for frippery. His mustache is as simple and unquestionable a part of his facial landscape as tumble brush is to the plains of West Texas.
Richard Foreman / Miramax Films
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