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Britney Spears

Britney Spears There is no need to rehash what has happened to pop queen Britney Spears over the past year, but suffice to say the latter half of 2007 saw Spears getting more publicity in six months than most industry stars get in a lifetime. But while she may have had the attention of the press, she had no way to monetize that. What’s a fallen pop star to do? Enter a team of super-producers and a whole lot of music technology—and ta-da! “Blackout”! It wasn’t a hit on the level of prior releases, but it charted high and the singles still sounded good in a club. Coincidence? Maybe this is a stretch, but it almost appears that this album was planned because of the pre-existing publicity and not the other way around. The only real promotion Spears did was a barely cognizant phone interview with Ryan Seacrest, and that MTV Video Music Awards performance, which we’d all like to forget, but never will.
Robyn Beck/ AFP/ Getty Images
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