The Ting Tings

Will the Ting Tings finally break out, or is this the final nail in the over-exposed coffin? Don’t get us wrong, we’ve been loving the Tings since Day One. The duo’s spunky dance-pop is tightly crafted with hook and hook, and the act’s video for “Shut Up and Let Me Go” has a cool retro zest to it. But we’ve also been concerned about their well-being. Seems as if we can’t turn on the television without hearing the Tings in a commercial, be it one that’s selling MP3 players or a new fall TV show, and the Tings’ tunes appear to be a music supervisor’s best friend, as we’ve spotted the act in “ Gossip Girl,” “American Teen” and others. Enough, we say, let the Tings just be a normal working band.
Bryan Bedder / Getty Images
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