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'Tyson' (1995)

Up-and-coming actor Michael Jai White, left, played Tyson in this HBO film that chronicled the boxer's early years and rise to superstardom. Malcolm-Jamal Warner played Tyson's friend Rory, and George C. Scott played his mentor and father figure Cus D'Amato. The film premiered on HBO a month after Tyson was released from prison. "The more I researched Tyson's life, the more difficult it became to get a clear view of what his first 26 years were," the film's director Uli Edel told the Los Angeles Times. "You need the wisdom of a Solomon to find the real truth. You talk to 10 people, and you get 10 different points of view.... He has a lot of light in him, and a lot of darkness too. But I'm a director, not a judge. I didn't want to put him on trial again."
Doug Hyun / HBO
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