Counterfeiting in fashion

The battle over fakes in fashion seems to be escalating after several recent high-profile lawsuits over designer trademarks (Christian Louboutin vs. Yves Saint Laurent over who can use red soles on shoes, and Louis Vuitton vs. Warner Bros. over fake LV logo luggage in the film "The Hangover Part 2"), and the Obama administration's increased focus on the issue leading to more vigorous crackdowns from law enforcement. (Last month, in a single raid at the Port of Los Angeles, federal authorities seized $4 million in fake designer jeans, apparel and shoes with Gucci, North Face and True Religion labels). The Innovative Design and Protection Piracy and Prevention Act (which has the support of some in the industry, but not others) was introduced in Congress last year and is being reviewed by a House subcommittee. Pictured is the fake LV luggage from the film "The Hangover Part II."
Melinda Sue Gordon
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