But these well-heeled wannabes had nothing on the resourcefulness of the Conchords' clique, who, judging by the number of freshly minted iron-on transfers, had left nary a blank Hanes Beefy T in Silver Lake. Many shirts riffed on the band's song lyrics, like the black-and-white rhinoceros drawing on Steve Waldinger's green tee that bore the word "rhyme-nocerus" (from "Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros" which spits lyrics such as: "They call me the hiphopopotamus / My lyrics are bottomless"). "It was a birthday present from my sister," said the 30-year-old from Gardena. "This is the first chance I've had to wear it." Also in Image • 'Yves Saint-Laurent | 1936-2008 • Wild inspiration for swimsuits • 'Sex and the City' and 'Flight of Conchords' fans go out on the town in style
Lawrence K. Ho, Los Angeles Times
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