PRVCY Premium Denim "Monaco-Jammer Rip" Jeans.

It’s not the most polished look, but it’s sexy and strong. If you’re curious about it, but not quite curious enough to invest a couple of hundred dollars to get it, give it a DIY spin. Grab some sandpaper, bleach and an old pair of jeans and get to work. PRVCY premium denim Monaco-Jammer Rip jeans, $216 at Triangle Boutique, Lake Arrowhead, Calif. More in Image: • South Paradiso leather revives the arty East West rock look • Pictures: Psychedelic fashions that rocked • The return of distressed denim jeans • Lauren Luke's makeup tutorials lead to a new line of work • Choosing the right fashion palette can save you money and time. • Tracy Feith's fast fashion line at Target | Photos • Negotiating lower prices has expanded to beauty care, shoes and apparel.
Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times
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