Florence Welch -- Florence and the Machine

With her statuesque frame, long red hair and love of goddess-y vintage pieces, Welch looks like the subject of a Botticelli painting. And her eye for 1920s clothing and accessories that feel as if they've been hiding in Grandma's attic makes her seem much older than her 22 years. "I'm interested in the style of Stevie Nicks and Siouxsie Sioux," Welch says. "I love the big platforms and fringe shawls, but I also really like the style of the 1920s." Her eclectic style leads her to vintage stores when travelling, collecting clothing like postcards to show where she's been. But the singer saves the flash for performances (she gushes over the impossibly billowy, peach chiffon gown made for her by designer Qasimi for her video for "Dog Days Are Over") and says that her everyday look is buttoned up and unassuming. "I like to be able to wander around kind of unnoticed. I'm pretty tall, 5-feet-9, and I've got red hair, so I draw a lot of attention." Her go-to items include prim cream-colored blouses and brogues. But at the moment, she can't stop wearing a pair of clogs from Zara that she calls "ugly and industrial-looking, with black leather straps and wooden heels." Don't expect to see the clogs during her Coachella performance, as Welch prefers bare feet to high heels onstage. "The less fussy, the better," she says. "I prefer going barefoot onstage, especially when playing festivals. I feel more free." RELATED: Coachella 2010: Acts you don't want to miss More Coachella coverage
Brendon Thorne / Getty Images
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