"In the Valley of Elah"

'In the Valley of Elah' Though audiences stayed away from Paul Haggis’ drama last fall, it’s well worth a look, especially for Tommy Lee Jones’ Oscar-nominated best actor performance as the father of a young soldier who is killed soon after he returns from a tour of duty in Iraq. Jones’ Hank Deerfield is a no-nonsense Vietnam vet now hauling gravel for a living who gets a call that his young son is AWOL from his squad at a fort some two-days drive away. When Hank arrives at Ft. Rudd, he begins to investigate his son’s disappearance. Going through his son’s belongings, he comes across his boy’s cellphone, which is filled with glimpses of war and what his son and the members of his patrol did in Iraq. After his son is found brutally slain, he teams up with a young police detective (Charlize Theron) to find out what happened. Then the evidence starts piling up against his son’s buddies.
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