Falcon's Lair, Rudolph Valentino

Rudolph Valentino Where doesn’t cinema’s famed “Latin Lover” haunt? Valentino, who died tragically at the age of 31 in 1926, is one restless spirit. His famous Beverly Hills manse on Bella Drive, Falcon’s Lair, left, is said to be a favorite haunt of Valentino, with his ghost often popping up in his bedroom, as well as in the stable with horses. The beach house that he stayed in in Oxnard while making 1921’s “The Sheik” has also had its share of Rudy sightings, with people believing a dark “phantom” character to be the late heartthrob. Visitors at Room 210 at the Santa Maria Inn in Santa Maria — which was one of his frequent getaway locales — have been awakened by literally things that go bump in the night — knocking sounds as well as a feeling of someone on the bed. Even Rudy’s beloved Doberman pinscher/Great Dane Kabur, who died just six months after his master’s death, is a ghost. He supposedly licks visitors near his grave at the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery. And speaking of cemeteries, Rudy is also known to haunt his final resting place, the Hollywood Forever cemetery. He’s not alone. Clifton Webb, Virginia Rappe -- the woman who died after having sex with Fatty Arbuckle -- and William Randolph Hearst are among those who have also been seen at the cemetery.
Mark Harmel / HGTV and Unknown photographer / Kino Video
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