MGMT: Hip Brooklyn rockers with a fuzzed-up guitar sound, courtesy of Flaming Lips studio wiz Dave Fridmann. Grammy potential: Recording Academy voters like to make sure all major genres are represented in the best new artist field, and MGMT would be a relatively safe pick to speak for rock 'n' roll. The band's debut, "Oracular Spectacular," is melodic enough to sound safe on the radio, but dirties up its sound with enough studio haze to make voters think they're nominating a left-of-center act. Sony has also done a solid job getting the band heard on mainstream outlets without over-shilling them. MGMT has been able to license music to "Gossip Girl," "21" and the upcoming "American Teen." Grammy deserving: A band worth keeping an eye on. Lead single "Time to Pretend," which MGMT re-recorded for the album, is full of Fridmann's hallmarks. There's a stomping rhythm, a swirl of studio effects, a flash of an orchestra, studio-enhanced guitars, off-kilter keyboards and a smashing melody. But that might ultimately be the problem, as MGMT feels a bit too much like a producer's project at this point.
Michael Buckner / Getty Images
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