The Man With a Golden Arm

'The Moon Is Blue,' 'The Man With the Golden Arm' and 'Last Year at Marienbad' (Jan. 31) What to do if you've caught all the Oscar nominees or are just sick of the hype? Tonight at the Egyptian Theatre, catch the tail-end of the "Otto Preminger: The Man Who Would Be King" series with a code-defying double-feature of the risqué romantic comedy "The Moon Is Blue," starring William Holden, David Niven and Maggie McNamara, and the crazy "Man With a Golden Arm," starring Frank Sinatra as a junkie. Friday through Feb. 7 at the Nuart, experience Alain Resnais' gorgeously mystifying "Last Year at Marienbad," winner of the Venice Film Festival's Golden Lion in 1961. --Carina Chocano
UCLA Film and Television Archive
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