Tony Gilroy, best director, best original screenplay, 'Michael Clayton'

On writers' role in best-pic noms: “If you see something that’s really good, whether it’s being feted or not, it’s a miracle everything worked. The first thing that had to work was a very good script. That’s the very first thing that happened. [As you see] in the directors guild nominations, four out of five [nominees] are writer-directors. I think you’re seeing singular visions. People who have final cut. They’re very personal [films].” On the lack of sentimentality among the best-pic noms: “With a lot of the films this year there’s a real lack of sentimentality. I don’t know what the snapshot of these best pictures really tells you. The audience is so fragmented right now in so many ways. The awards are so fragmented and the presidential races are so fragmented. There’s a lot going on. I think it’s very difficult to make a cultural snapshot while you’re right in the middle of it.” -- Gina Piccalo, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
Myles Aronowitz / Warner Bros.
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