'Nobody kill anybody': Murder-free weekend urged in Baltimore


'Topper' Hal Roach produced this 1937 screwball comedy starring Cary Grant and Constance Bennett as the incredibly wealthy George and Marion Kirby, who are stock holders in a bank run by the stuff-shirt Cosmo Topper (Roland Young in his supporting actor Oscar-nominated performance). The Kirbys become fun-loving ghosts after they crash their car. Because they have never done a good nor a bad deed during their lives, the couple are in limbo. So they decide to do a good deed by putting some pizazz into Topper's life. But when Topper starts living it up -- and falling for the very attentive Marion -- his equally stuffy wife (Billie Burke of "The Wizard of Oz") is none too pleased. Young, Bennett and Burke returned for 1938's "Topper Takes a Trip." But only Young was on hand from the 1941 sequel "Topper Returns." In the 1950s, "Topper" became a popular TV series.
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