'Topper' Hal Roach produced this 1937 screwball comedy starring Cary Grant and Constance Bennett as the incredibly wealthy George and Marion Kirby, who are stock holders in a bank run by the stuff-shirt Cosmo Topper (Roland Young in his supporting actor Oscar-nominated performance). The Kirbys become fun-loving ghosts after they crash their car. Because they have never done a good nor a bad deed during their lives, the couple are in limbo. So they decide to do a good deed by putting some pizazz into Topper's life. But when Topper starts living it up -- and falling for the very attentive Marion -- his equally stuffy wife (Billie Burke of "The Wizard of Oz") is none too pleased. Young, Bennett and Burke returned for 1938's "Topper Takes a Trip." But only Young was on hand from the 1941 sequel "Topper Returns." In the 1950s, "Topper" became a popular TV series.
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