'Step Brothers'

Gross-out comedies Back in the late '90s, the Farrelly brothers made their reputations on a series of comedies renowned for their stomach-churning gags -- think sperm in the hair in "There's Something About Mary." That flick's success opened the floodgates to all forms of bodily fluids in a series of yuk-fests such as "American Pie," "Scary Movie" and "Freddy Got Fingered." Eventually, audiences stopped laughing. They had moved onto other things, or so they thought. In actuality, gross-out comedies had secretly morphed into... Shirtless Will Ferrell comedies When he did it in "Old School," moviegoers ate it up. There was the former "Saturday Night Live" star jogging through the streets of Westwood, naked as a jaybird, showing off a physique that will never be on the cover of Men's Health. So successful was "Old School" that he did it again in "Anchorman" and "Talladega Nights." and he threatens to do it again in "Step Brothers" and "Semi-Pro." Who would ever have guessed that those nipples would be milked so much?
Gemma La Mana / Columbia Pictures
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