The hot new edible: Blueberries

"The hottest plants are blueberries," says Nicholas Staddon, director of new plants for Monrovia Growers. Though Monrovia grew its largest crop of these nearly evergreen shrubs for the 2009-10 season, Staddon says, "If we'd had thousands more plants, we could have sold them too." Staddon recommends the Sunshine Blue, O'Neal and Jubilee blueberry plants, which will deliver a crop from mid-April to early July in Southern California. These southern "high bush" blueberries are varieties that have been bred to fruit with little winter chill, but they still prefer acidic soil -- something few Southern California gardens have. Grow them in a container with a potting mix and plenty of peat moss. -- Nan Sterman For more garden information, check out our garden content at L.A. at Home.
Monrovia Growers
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