'Death of a Salesman'

"Death of a Salesman" Arthur Miller's groundbreaking 1949 play was turned into a 1951 feature film starring Fredric March as the salesman Willy Loman and Kevin McCarthy and Cameron Mitchell as grown sons Biff and Happy. There have also been several TV adaptations -- the best being the 1966 CBS version that starred the original Broadway Willy and wife Linda -- Lee J. Cobb and Mildred Dunnock, with James Farentino and George Segal as their sons. Set in the late 1940s, the heartbreaking drama revolves around Willy, a longtime salesman who has seen his desire for the American dream evaporate as he is no longer able to make ends meet as he works for a meager commission. And his dreams for his adult sons haven't paid off either. Biff, who was the high school football star, has spent several years in Texas and has just returned home after being out of contact with the family. And younger son Happy hasn't fared much better in his adult life -- he's more interested in making a fast buck and making it with even faster woman.
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