Richard Roeper

'Ebert & Roeper and the Movies' / 'Ebert & Roeper' (2000-2007) Following an extensive tryout period, Ebert announced his permanent co-host would be his colleague at the Chicago Sun-Times, columnist Richard Roeper. Some film buffs were outraged at Ebert's selection, since Roeper was an entertainment writer and not a full-fledged film critic, and his employment at the same newspaper as Ebert meant an end to the cross-town rivalry that Siskel and Ebert built their reputations on. Indeed, Roeper and Ebert's disagreements seemed more collegial than Siskel and Ebert's often nasty on-air spats, and the show seemed to suffer a bit because of it. In 2002, Ebert was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He underwent surgery, but was diagnosed with cancer of the salivary gland in 2003. He had radiation treatment, which altered his voice, but he continued to appear on the show.
Buena Vista Television, xx
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