Hellboy II

Pedigree 'Hellboy II' Based on the Eisner Award-winning comic books by writer-artist Mike Mignola, this sequel also bears the heavy influence of director Guillermo del Toro. Del Toro, an artist himself, collaborated with Mignola on the look and story of this follow-up, and the result of both men’s imaginations is a beauty to behold. 'Meet Dave' The script, formerly titled “Starship Dave,” comes from former “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” writer Bill Corbett and “How I Met Your Mother” executive producer Rob Greenberg. Director Brian Robbins also directed Murphy in “Norbit” and the upcoming “A Thousand Words.” WINNER: While standard practice is to give the edge to the film that’s neither a sequel nor an adaptation, “The Golden Army” is a special case. It’s not based on any of the comic series, and it is a large expansion on the scope and vision of the first film. So it beats “Meet Dave,” but just barely.
Egon Endrenyi / Universal Pictures
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