Meet Dave

Star power 'Hellboy II' Hellboy is played by Ron Perlman, perhaps best known as the star of, er, “Hellboy.” Some may also remember him from the 1980s CBS drama series “Beauty and the Beast,” but they’re probably older than “Hellboy’s” prime audience. We also have Selma Blair, star of many films that kids shouldn’t be allowed to see. And the voice of Seth MacFarlane, better known from his all-around mastermind role on the series “Family Guy.” 'Meet Dave' Everybody knows Eddie Murphy. He’s been a megastar for so long – going on 28 years now – that his career actually has multiple phases and multiple high points. He just received his first Oscar nomination in 2007 for “Dreamgirls,” but most of the films he makes these days fall under the “low-brow family comedy” category. “Meet Dave” is no exception. WINNER: Eddie Murphy. If no one saw these comedies, no one would make them. But there’s definitely an audience out there for Murphy’s grin, no matter what the quality of the films it's in.
Bruce McBroom / 20th Century Fox
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