Katie Rosen and Sy Rosen, father and daughter, have written for TV, film, the theater and magazines. Sadly for them, they have not worked on any of the 10 episodes chosen. All this talk about Locke dying on "Lost" or whether he's still around as a spirit or not dead because he's alive in the dual world got us thinking about the great TV episodes that have dealt with death. There're too many terrific dramatic shows with people dying in them -- any show with Dennis Franz or Michael C. Hall in it, for example -- for us to make a list of those best episodes, so we concentrated on comedies. Besides, paraphrasing that famous quote, dying is easy (except if you're Tony or the Russian), comedy is hard, and combining the two successfully is near impossible. A great comedy death episode can be touching, poignant, cynical, dark, hysterical, sadistic, heartbreaking, exhilarating, anticipated and/or shocking -- how's that for narrowing it down? It was painful not to have some shows represented. We also had to draw the line somewhere, so we stuck to the deaths of people, not animals. That eliminated the Cosby show where Rudy's goldfish, Lamont, dies and the family throws a formal toilet funeral for him. And we couldn't include "WKRP's" great episode "Turkeys Away" where the radio station dropped turkeys from a helicopter as a Thanksgiving advertising stunt. Here are our 10 best comedy shows dealing with death. They are all awarded five Golden Caskets.
Mario Perez / ABC
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