Spice Girls

The Spice Girls Comeback vehicle: 2007 Reunion Tour, “Greatest Hits” album When we saw them last: The Spice Girls as a monolithic mainstream entertainment entity officially called it quits in 2000, but as individuals they have never completely gone away. Victoria Beckham has enjoyed Paris Hilton-esque celebrity status in Britain ever since marrying soccer star David Beckham, and the rest of the girls are regular characters in the celebutabs. Especially when they have out-of-wedlock children. Particularly with Eddie Murphy and paternity tests are involved. Are we glad they’re back: Enh.The Spice Girls were never about great music, smart lyrics or awesome dancing. They were about spectacle and having fun, and from all accounts their new tour is lots of fun to look at, if less fun to actually listen to. Comeback rating: 6/7
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