'Best in Show'

Why? Because I can only put one Christopher Guest movie on my list. Guest's strange genius is so appealing that it just can't coexist with worry. Maybe it's his huge affection for even the most absurd of his characters that makes it difficult not to join the group hug. When "Best in Show" runs off-leash in this faux documentary on the insanity of a national dog show's finals, problems fade. Scene bite: Eugene Levy, as the bucktoothed, bespectacled and absolutely guileless Gerry Fleck -- with Catherine O'Hara as his wife, Cookie, a sentimental sexpot with an ex-lover around every corner -- explains their time on the dog show circuit with this, "I like to think Cookie and I work as a team. Although I do nothing." Continue
Doane Gregory / Castle Rock Entertainment
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