Seth Rogen and James Franco in "Pineapple Express"

BEST: Man hair at "Pineapple Express" Judd Apatow flashed some chest, Seth Rogen said he preferred smooching James Franco over newly-anointed Maxim babe and co-star Amber Heard, and the audience was privy to plenty of real-life pot tales from the cast and crew of " Pineapple Express." A panel highlight: Asked why Rogen and “Pineapple” co-writer Evan Goldberg were inspired to make a stoner pic, Rogen explained: “It was a hard sell to make a weed movie for me and Evan. Judd had the notion to make a weed action comedy. We said 'That sounds ******* rad.' We felt very personally close to the material. Guys smoking joints and shooting AK-47s -- that’s the movie I want to see right now.”
Dale Robinette / Columbia Pictures
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