Thomas Crown Affair

'Thomas Crown Affair' Back in 1968, director Norman Jewison scored a big hit with his romantic, glossy caper flick starring a super suave Steve McQueen as a millionaire bank robber and Faye Dunaway as a beautiful insurance investigate -- the film also boasted the Oscar-winning tune, "The Windmills of Your Mind." And in 1999, the very attractive Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo teamed up -- and bared all -- for this uneven remake. Brosnan plays a wealthy man who steals something he can't buy -- a $100-million painting from the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Russo is the insurance investigator. Director John McTiernan made headlines two years ago when he was charged in federal court with lying to the FBI during an interview regarding the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping investigation. Brosnan has been announced as starring in a sequel "The Thomas Crown Affair 2" (based, oddly, on Jules Dassin's 1964 non-Crown jewel-heist flick "Topkapi") set for release next year.
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