Gun Crazy

'Gun Crazy' Joseph Lewis directed this erotic, bizarre and viscerally exciting 1950 thriller starring John Dall as Bart Tare, a young man who has been obsessed with guns since his youth who gets a job at a carnival where he falls for Annie (Peggy Cummins), a pistol-packing sharpshooter who is enthralled with guns as Bart. The two marry, but when finances become bleak they stage a series of brazen bank robberies around the country. One of the film's seminal bank heist sequences was shot in one take, and only the actors, crew and folks inside the bank knew a movie was being filmed. In fact, when a bystander screams that there has been bank robbery, that was actually someone who thought there had been an actual heist. The film's original credits stated that Millard Kaufman was the co-writer. However, he was just a "front" for blacklisted Dalton Trumbo. Kaufman announced in 1992 that he was the front and asked the Writers Guild of America to remove his name from the credits.
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