R.I.P: Crazy Britney

R.I.P.: Crazy Britney Eulogy: Britney Spears has crammed a lot of insanity into the past four years. She married a friend in Vegas, annulled the wedding three days later, married backup dancer Kevin Federline while his girlfriend was pregnant, gave birth to two children, drove with her 5-month-old son on her lap, divorced Kevin, shaved her head, checked into rehab, gave a bizarre and distracted performance at the 2007 VMA show, and was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation. Lately, however, Brit’s music and demeanor have suggested not just sanity, but stardom. According to our own Ann Powers, “Britney's back. She actually seems to be awake this time. This is only the beginning.” Will we miss it? Naw. Crazy Britney is fascinating and all, but hot-shot Britney is even more riveting. We’d rather watch Britney’s smoking new “Circus” video than watch her attack a paparazzo with an umbrella any day.
Kevin Winter / AFP / Getty Images
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