Rihanna & Britney start things off raunchy

The 2011 edition of the Billboard Music Awards -- the first time the show has been held since 2006 -- opened with Rihanna sitting provocatively on a silver chair. The sparse stage, torture imagery and cold beats lent the feeling of a stripper performing in a jail cell. Yet that may have been the point, because Rihanna's "S&M" doesn't leave much to the imagination. Nor did Britney Spears' tiny leather outfit. Spears, who can lip-sync with best of 'em and awkwardly dance like no other, strutted and grinded, all while backup dancers poked their hands out from the floor. While the backing crew was clearly trying to lay their hands on the stars, it looked more like they were making finger puppets. Or perhaps that's some new dance move ("The Periscope"?). RELATED: Billboard Music Awards: Arrivals Compiled by Todd Martens
Ethan Miller / Getty Images / ABC
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