By Rachel Abramowitz It’s a thriller. It’s a romance. It’s opposites attracting. It’s a WWII flick. Actually, “Australia” is all that. Baz Luhrmann’s two-hour, 45-minute film stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. It is the tale of a mismatched English aristocrat and Aussie rough rider who get together and drive a thousand head of cattle across the Outback at the opening of WWII. But is it an Oscar winner? Perhaps its strongest contender is 12-year-old Brandon Walters, who plays the Aborigine child Nulla and could join other precocious denizens from Down Under, like Anna Paquin and Keisha Castle-Hughes, who made much noted trips down the red carpet. Paquin actually won best supporting actress at the age of 11 for her turn in “The Piano.” Here are some other Oscar winners from Australia and New Zealand:
James Fisher / 20th Century Fox
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