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Jessica Alba / Anne Hathaway

By Susan King, Times Staff Writer Funny guys Mike Myers and Steve Carell aren’t the only stars duking it out this weekend when their comedies “The Love Guru” and “Get Smart” open. So are their popular, glam leading ladies Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway. Alba, who has kicked major butt in such TV shows and movies as “Dark Angel” and the “Fantastic Four” franchise in which she plays Sue Storm, goes comedic as the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey club who inexplicably falls under the spell of Guru Pitka (Myers), a Pillsbury doughboy- shaped guru who has worn a chastity belt since he was a preteen. Hathaway, who came to fame in the Disney comedy franchise “The Princess Diaries,” plays Agent 99 in the updated version of the 1960s classic sitcom “Get Smart.” More “Honey West” and Emma Peel than the original 99 Barbara Feldon, the secret agent finds herself falling madly in love with new field agent Max Smart (Carell) who is brilliant but bumbling. Competition is always healthy, so we have pitted the two actresses together to see who is the fairest of them all.
Associated Press; Getty Images
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