Aaron Sorkin, Best Screenplay, 'Charlie Wilson's War'

(By Martin Miller, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer) Aaron Sorkin, nominated for best screenplay for "Charlie Wilson's War," said the nod from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was a "real honor," and added it was great timing as his film is set to open. As for his co-nominees which include Ethan and Joel Coen, he said he felt humbled to be in the same category: "I should be waiting their tables." Sorkin said if there's a picket line at the Golden Globes he would "definitely" honor it. However, he doesn't know of any picket plans at the moment, but that the discussion for it would probably begin within the next couple hours. "I don't think a lot of people have thought too much about it yet to be honest," said Sorkin. "But I think the strike is terrible. A lot of people are suffering and it has to end." As for the famously crampacked seating arrangements in the Globes where in years past writers brush up against studio representatives, Sorkin said: "I've always had a friendly relationship with studios that I've worked for. Universal has been nothing but great to me, so I don't think that's going to be a big problem."
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
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