Southern Spain and Gibraltar

Southern Spain and Gibraltar We'll be flying into Malaga and out of Madrid and plan on visiting Granada, Gibraltar, Seville, Toledo and Madrid. I'm Mexican, and my dad brought me up with tales of the Aztecs and history lessons from the Spanish conquest. Being Mexican doesn't mean any one thing because of the cultural diversity found in Mexico. As a Mexican, one can have Arabic, Spanish, French, African, Anglo or indigenous blood. So I'm kind of following the cookie trail of my possible ethnic mix. I've been to Mexico. Spain seemed like the logical next step. I'm hoping to find something that resonates with me. I've started with the wine. Also with the euro and airfare getting more affordable, a trip to Europe wouldn't break the bank. I've known several folks who have booked cheap flights since the economic downturn. Recession is a traveler's friend -- if you can afford it. --Xochitl Doggett, Beaverton, Ore. Pictured: The Prado Museum in Madrid
Museo del Prado
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