Dong Hoi, Vietnam

Place: Dong Hoi, Vietnam Why it's a hot ticket for 2009: This small coastal city in central Vietnam is a good stop from which to explore Phong-Nha Ke-Bang National Park's monumental cave system and surrounding jungles (all of which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The jungles have been largely off-limits up to now, but with the installation of new eco-trails in late 2008, hikers of all levels can now access the dense jungle and the numerous awesome satellite caves. If you get tired from hiking up mountains or looking at rock formations, you can take the half-hour motorbike ride back to Dong Hoi, which has a world-class resort and spa and pristine beaches that are empty around noon. The Dong Hoi Airport also opened for business a few months ago with flights to and from Hanoi. Information: -- Chi Vu Pictured: Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Dong Hoi
Chi Vu
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