Place: Kelabit Highlands, Borneo Why it's a hot ticket for 2009: Australian anthropologist and World War II hero Tom Harrison called this place "the last frontier of the tropical world." It's home to descendants of headhunters and is one of the most isolated places on Earth, reachable only by plane. The Kelabit people are what make the highlands glow. About 70 years ago, the Kelabits were headhunters, collecting in caves the heads of any people brave or foolish enough to enter their land. In the 1960s, the Kelabit fought against the Indonesians who live just across the nearby border in Kalimantan. Today, you can still see elderly Kelabits sporting the elongated earlobes that stretch to their shoulders, stylish back in the day when they were collecting heads and decorating their own. The Kelabit are now considered among the friendliest people in the world. Read more on Borneo's Kelabit region. Information: -- John Henderson
John Henderson
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