'West Coast, Left Coast'

Having had a runaway success curating the Minimalist Jukebox festival three seasons ago, John Adams (pictured) this time takes on his adopted state as the focus of his next Los Angeles Philharmonic festival. The West Coast sound isn't easy to localize given that it includes the beat of the Beats, Central Avenue jazz, the beginning of world music from Henry Cowell, the beginnings of percussion music from Cowell's pupil John Cage, as well as the Romantic lushness and noir darkness of the Hollywood greats. Terry Riley has something new for the Kronos Quartet to open the festival. Adams' "City Noir," which will have its premiere at Dudamel's gala, will be given a reprise, this time at popular prices. Not to be missed will be the out-there Italian pianist Marino Formenti taking on Lou Harrison's irresistible Piano Concerto. Walt Disney Concert Hall, Nov. 21
Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times
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