John Peterson, Manhattan Beach

John Peterson, Manhattan Beach My experience: My wife and I live in Manhattan Beach and have a vacation home in Palm Desert and another one in Yosemite National Park. We exchanged our Yosemite home with a couple that live in Pebble Beach on 17 Mile Drive. Being golfers, we were in heaven. Interestingly, our exchange included taking care of their dog Shadow, and we enjoyed Shadow as much as we enjoyed the golf. We also exchanged our Palm Desert home with a family from Cork, Ireland, for the entire month of July. The temperature was well into the triple digits, so their sons spent the entire time in the pool. Similarly in Cork, we experienced a heat wave with the temperature skyrocketing well into the 70s. We had dinner with their good friends/neighbors while we were there and also exchanged cars with them, which enabled us to see the countryside at our leisure. (continued on next photo) Pictured: John Peterson relaxes at the home he stayed in while vacationing in Cork City, Ireland.
John Peterson
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