Las Vegas: Fast El Loco coaster to make its debut at Circus Circus

How crazy is this? The roller-coaster ride El Loco opening Tuesday at Circus Circus Adventuredome lasts only 72 seconds but promises to pack those six-dozen seconds with plenty of thrills as it achieves speeds of up to 45 mph. 

Some of the rides inside Circus Circus Adventuredome are clearly for  little ones, but El Loco is geared for older visitors to the Las Vegas theme park. Only guests who are 4 feet or taller will be able to climb aboard for the ride, which goes around 1,300 feet of track.

Here are some of the stats:

-- After a 90-foot ascent, riders plunge into a hairpin turn and a dive that produces a G-force of 1.5

-- The 45-degree outward curve includes a doughnut roll

-- A 240-degree barrel roll zooms into an inverted drop

Each seat in the four-person cars will have a built-in surround-sound system. A custom soundtrack features hip-hop, Latin and rock for your listening pleasure, assuming the music isn’t drowned out by the screams.

El Loco is included in the $29.95 price of a Premium all-day ride pass. Single ride tickets cost $10.

Adventuredome, at the rear of Circus Circus, bills itself as America’s largest indoor theme park.

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