Jean, Nev.: Souped-up trucks ready to race in Saturday's Mint 400

NASCAR was so, well, last week. Now, it’s off-road vehicles that will dominate the racing scene near Las Vegas.

Fifty-seven souped-up “trophy trucks” will participate in Saturday’s Mint 400 along a course through the Mojave Desert near the sleepy town of Jean (a town you see as you're driving along Interstate 15), about a half-hour drive from the Las Vegas Strip.

The big trucks will begin kicking up dust as the featured race gets the green flag at 1 p.m. Saturday. The final trucks are expected to complete the four-lap, 400-mile course by around 10 that evening. Events are free to the public.

Signposts from the Jean exit of Interstate 15 will mark the location. Four spectator areas along the course will be accessible from graded gravel roads. There’s no admission charge, but parking is $10 per vehicle.

Food trucks will provide refreshments. For more info, see the schedule of events.


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