Postcards from the e-edge? App turns selfies into snail-mail greetings

Send postcards from you iOS devices that arrive by snail mail

Sending a postcard while on the road has never been quite as simple. A new mobile app called Blipcard enables you to convert your selfies and photos into paper postcards that get snail-mailed to your friends and loved ones.

Sound old school? It is, but with a contemporary twist. Using the app means you never have to hunt down a post office and stamps again. Each postcard costs 1.49 euros (about $2) and takes a few days to reach countries in Europe and at least a week to reach the U.S. or Japan.

The drawback? No matter where you are on vacation, your postcard will be mailed from Berlin with a "smart stamp" that indicates what city, state or country you're really visiting. (A spokesman says the company is trying to find shipping partners in the U.S. to speed up delivery times.)

Here's how the app works: Upload a photo you want to send as a postcard. You can edit the image -- decorate it with stickers, make a collage, etc. -- and write a message on the back. You can sign your name on the screen too. Then enter the address of the person you want to send it to.

The final step is to pay with a credit card or PayPal, and your postcard is on its way. If you're addicted to Twitter and Instagram, this app probably won't have much appeal.

But those who feel a certain nostalgia for sending postcards without a fuss might have fun with this. Just know your postcard from New York City to Los Angeles will come via Germany.

Currently the app is available only for iPhone, iPod and iPad users.

Info: Blipcard

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