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Train trip in a vintage car

Thanks to the hard work of some die-hard train buffs, modern-day travelers are once again able to enjoy elegant rail journeys in vintage cars.

About once a month, passengers climb aboard the classic rail cars for a trip back in time. The cars are coupled to Amtrak trains on scheduled runs, such as the ones between Los Angeles and Oakland and between Emeryville and Reno. The trips aren't cheap; a ticket for the round-trip between Oakland and Bakersfield costs $225, more than double the fare in an Amtrak coach. Still, many of the excursions sell out weeks in advance.

-- Jay Jones

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Planning your trip:

Excursions are organized year-round by Trains Unlimited Tours; (800) 359-4870, www.trainsunlimitedtours.com. Prices vary, depending on the length of the trip.

Jay Jones
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