Localyte.com put 50,000 local experts in 170 countries at your fingertips

When the virtual world of the Web just isn't personal enough, get in touch with a real human for travel tips and trip advice on Localyte.com.

What's hot: About 50,000 local experts in 170 countries are ready to offer travel advice and tips, which are what make this site worth bookmarking. Some experts also are available as tour guides for hire. After typing in your destination, click on the "Find Answers" tab to see what kinds of questions other travelers have asked, along with the answers from regional experts. I sorted the answers by "votes" to view the best answers first. I quickly found out where to get a kite boarding lesson in Cape Town, South Africa, and the best vegetarian restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic.

What's not: When I'm already on a destination page, it would be great if the "activities and places" tabs came up in a map format. That way if you're not familiar with the area, you can see how close the suggestions are to where you are. Ignore the fact that some of the profile pics look like personal ads. You can ask a question without speaking directly to an expert if you want.

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