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The Height of L.A. Living

All over Los Angeles, there are neighborhoods declaring themselves The Heights: Avocado Heights, Montecito Heights, Ladera Heights and many more. In some cases, the name reflects the topography; other times it's more a state of mind.

Early settlers might have been escaping the heat or rising above the riffraff.

But most were just looking for the romance of a fantastic view.

Here are some of our favorites.

Barbara Thornburg is a senior editor for West and past president of the Los Angeles Conservancy. * Josslyn Luckett is a screenwriter and essayist whose work is set to appear in a new anthology, "What Your Mama Never Told You: True Stories of Sex and Love." * Ruben Guevara is a journalist, bandleader (Ruben and the Jets), poet and founder/director of Arts 4 City Youth, an arts program based in Boyle Heights. * Kent Black is style editor of West. He has written for, among others, Rolling Stone, GQ and the New York Times Magazine.

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