The Party

"The Party" Writer-director Blake Edwards and Peter Sellers made beautiful belly laughs together when they first teamed for 1963's slapstick delight "The Pink Panther," in which Sellers plays the inept, accident-prone Parisian Detective Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Edwards and Sellers went on to make several "Panther" movies together, including the 1964 masterpiece "A Shot in the Dark." But in 1968, the two collaborated on their only non-Clouseau film, a rib-tickling farce that recalls the old silent movie comedies. Sellers plays Hrundi B. Bakshi, a clumsy Indian actor who turns a swank Hollywood party into a disaster of epic comedy proportions. Though some critics thought his Bakshi bordered on caricature, the majority of movie reviewers embraced this exercise in sight gag and silly jokes.
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