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Football: Bill Redell thinks his teams could compete with St. John Bosco

 Now that Bill Redell is back as coach at Oaks Christian, you can always count on him to come forth with some interesting comments.

His latest is that he coached two teams that could compete with this year's 16-0 St. John Bosco team.

"I think the 1986 Crespi team and the 15-0 2006 Oaks Christian team could compete with St. John Bosco," Redell said Monday.

Sorry, Bill, they might be able to compete but they'd never win. First, the 1986 team, led by Russell White, lost to St. John Bosco during the regular season, then beat the Braves in the Big Five championship game. That's not perfection.

And the 2006 Oaks Christian team was very talented with Jimmy Clausen, Casey Matthews and Marc Tyler, but the Lions' schedule was filled with "cupcakes," as they say.

That's what makes St. John Bosco's acomplishment complete. The Braves played the best and beat the best.


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