European soccer teams land lucrative sponsorship deals

Manchester United will make more than $200 million next year for sponsors logos on its jerseys

The 10-year, $1.3-billion uniform deal Manchester United signed with Adidas last week is the most lucrative shirt sponsorship in soccer history. Add in the seven-year $560-million jersey deal United has with Chevrolet and, beginning next season, the team will bank more than $200 million just for renting out space on its uniforms. Manchester United is not the only European soccer club making big money by selling the shirts off their backs.

Team; Sponsor(s); Value (per season)

Manchester United; Adidas (beginning 2015-16), $130 million (through 2026); Chevrolet, $80 million (through 2021)

Arsenal; Fly Emirates, $51 million (through 2019); Puma, $51 million (through 2019)

Barcelona; Qatar Airways, $45 million (through 2018); Nike, $44 million (through 2018)

Real Madrid; Fly Emirates $39 million (through 2019); Adidas $41 million (through 2020)

Bayern Munich; Deutsche Telekom, $42 million (through 2017); Adidas, $36 million (through 2020)

Source: Los Angeles Times

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