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UCLA football: Good news for Bruins' offensive linemen

UCLA's 58-20 victory over Nevada on Saturday included a too-fast-for-an-abacus number count.

Quarterback Brett Hundley had 337 total yards. The Bruins gained 345 yards rushing, 155 by Jordon James.

Behind the big headline was the offensive line. It is doubtful that the line generated much postgame buzz, but nothing says "good job" up front like anonymity.

Adrian Klemm, UCLA’s offensive line coach, spent his first season trying to squeeze everything he could from his unit. He got a lot. Saturday was an indication he will get more.

The Bruins offensive line, a spit-and-baling-wire operation in years past, is undergoing a transformation. The quality created by the Bruins' depth, with 11 linemen signed the last two seasons, began to show.

Nevada did not sack Hundley -- the Bruins gave up 52 sacks last season -- and the running game gobbled up yards Pac-Man style. It was a product of a line that came into the game with tackle Simon Goines nursing a knee injury and Alex Redmond, a first-year freshman, at guard.

"The expectations are pretty high and I was little nervous because Simon hasn’t practiced that much and Alex hadn’t been in rotation,” Klemm said. “After the first series, I could tell we were going to be all right."

Redmond missed part of training camp to a concussion. His work the last two weeks allowed him to wrench the starting job away from fellow freshman Caleb Benenoch.

“It was hard,” Klemms aid. “Caleb is a very good player too. But Alex is so ready to play with a violent nature. He has physical attributes, but his intangibles are off the charts.”

It’s the result the offensive line makeover UCLA has accomplished with two recruiting classes.

“It’s a different kind of room now,” Klemm said. “Everybody’s physical. That’s a contagious thing.”


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